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Noel Sampson, M.Sc.

Master of International Cooperation and Urban Development

Areas of Expertise

  • Urban Development and Planning
  • Develoment Cooperation
  • Project and Program Management
  • Housing Development and Management
  • Climate Change
  • DRR and Urban Resilience

Work Experience

  • Supported the Strategy for Sustainable Housing and Land Management in the ECE Region 2014-2020
  • Organized the Workshop “Building resilient communities through urban planning and the integration of the Natural Sciences” held on 13/Jan/2015 in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Wrote the concept note of the Coastal Cities Initiative: for resilient human settlements in coastal areas in the ECE region
  • Supported drafting the Policy Study on Urban Planning in the ECE region in line with the new urban agenda, HABITAT III and the post-2015 SDGs
  • Assisted in the organization of meetings, including the first meeting of the Task Group on Urban Planning

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  • Liaising with housing sector actors, analysis of services, impacts and business models of the affordable housing sector. Contributed to the elaboration of the concept note of a Home Improvement Finance Entity for Nicaragua.

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Supported the educational and urban development program aimed to facilitate the debate on the current status of Palestinian refugee camps and translate them into practice through community-driven urban interventions.

  • Project management, urban planning and design, facilitating engagement of participants and beneficiaries

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  • Support the ADB’s Ulaanbaatar Urban Services And Ger Area Development Investment Program
  • Technical assistance, urban planning, office support, document drafting, urban resilience and community mapping

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  • Various projects: sustainable architecture, built environment, housing, WASH improvement and community development projects.
  • Project management, technical assistance, community participation, budgeting, supervising and reporting

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Project management, technical assistance, supervising and reporting. Various projects:

  • Project of Support of Farmer Trading in the Municipality of La Paz Centro, León, Nicaragua
  • Project of Support of Women Cooperatives in the locality of Tecuaname, León, Nicaragua
  • Project of Support of Food Security in the Municipality of La Paz Centro, León, Nicaragua

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Teaching Experience

Professor of the diploma in Housing Projects Management and Development aimed at technicians of municipalities of the Association of Municipalities with Nicaragua-Netherlands sister-cities programs. Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria UNI.


CERG-C. Université de Genève (Unige). Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Risk assessment and management, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and resilience
MUNDUS URBANO. Technischen Universität Darmstadt (TUD). Darmstadt, Germany.

  • Urban development and planning, urban economics, affordable housing
MUNDUS URBANO. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Barcelona, Spain.

  • Urban studies, humanitarian affairs, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería UNI. Managua, Nicaragua.

Training and Workshops

2014: Young Planning Professionals Workshop: REDEVELOPING THE MOSCOW EXHIBITION CENTER (VDNH).

ISOCARP and Moscow Urban Forum. Moscow, Russia.

2012: Urban Development Workshop of Yangtze-River-Delta.

Tongji University and TU Darmstadt. Shanghai, China.

2009: Management Course for Development Practitioners.

MDF Training & Consultancy. Ede, The Netherlands.

2009: Shelter Design & Development.

Lund University. Lund, Sweden, and and Manila, The Philippines


  • 2014: Young Planning Professionals fellowship. ISOCARP. Moscow, Russia
  • 2014: Research Scholarship. Urbanist exchange. Urban Managua. Appear and TU Wien. Colombia
  • 2011: Erasmus Mundus Master Program Scholarship for Academic Excellency. European Commission. EU
  • 2009: Netherlands Fellowship Program NFP. NUFFIC. The Netherlands
  • 2009: Advanced International Training Fellowship. Swedish International Development Agency SIDA. Sweden

Writing and Research

  • “Directrices para la Managua compacta, sostenible y resiliente: experiencias de gestión urbana, densificación y resiliencia de la Ciudad de Bogotá”. Urban Managua. Bogota. 2014.
  • The race against winter in the slums of Ulaanbaatar”. Affordable Housing Institute Global Blog. 05/15/2013.
  • “Pro-poor Housing Adaptation to Climate Change in Countries of the Tropics: Case Studies of Housing Resilience in Nicaragua and Vietnam“. Master Thesis. 07/2013.



Spanish 100%

English 95%

Portuguese (reading) 70%

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office programs: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project.
  • AutoCAD, Creative Suite CS3
  • WordPress

Organizational and managerial skills

  • Leadership (coordinating up to 20 team members)

Other skills

  • Drawing, hand sketching

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Member. Emerge | Sustainable Cities
  • Associate Regional Analyst. Affordable Housing Institute AHI. Boston, United States
  • Regional Collaborator. Urbanismo & Sistemas. Bogotá, Colombia

 International Exposure

Israel and Palestinian Territories (2014), Russia (2014), Colombia (2014), Switzerland (2014-2015), Mongolia (2013), Vietnam (2012), Spain (2012-2013), China (2012), Germany (2011-2012),The Philippines (2010), The Netherlands (2009), Sweden (2009) and Nicaragua (home country)

Project Management 95%
Development Cooperation 90%
Urban Development 92%

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